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Align your technology with your business goals by embracing the right applications, tools, and solutions that allow you to stay competitive in today’s market at an affordable cost. Network technology changes, adoption of cloud-based services, industry consolidation, and the threat of cable entrants have pushed telecom companies to align strategy and operations in order to succeed. These companies and their stakeholders rely on Genesis for strategic, operational, and financial advisory solutions that protect and enhance enterprise value through sales force effectiveness, service delivery optimization, customer profitability improvement and more. Clients tell us that our approach is unique — our senior experts work side-by-side as partners with our clients to deliver practical solutions. We provide recommendations honed by analytical rigor and expertise developed over of years of industry experience.


The GCN Approach to Telecommunications Consulting

Data-Driven Customer Centricity
Using analytics and personalization, operators can tailor products, promotions, and bundles to the specific needs and behaviors of telco customers, creating segment-of-one experiences and securing revenue growth.
Simplification and Digitization
Telcos worldwide are racing to digitize to address evolving customer needs, increasing competition and external threats. By digitizing products and services, customer journeys, and processes, telecommunications companies can unlock significant value.
Next-Generation B2B
Small and midsize businesses increasingly need help upgrading their infrastructure and managing a complex new landscape of cloud offerings, software-defined networks, and connectivity options. We work with operators to identify growth opportunities—and integrate these new services effectively into their B2B offerings.
New Capabilities and Ways of Working
Telecom transformation requires new skills, streamlined processes, and a culture of collaboration, autonomy, and flexibility. We help telcos adopt agile at scale, so they can respond faster to change. And we develop the talent, coaching, and upskilling strategies to future-proof the organization.
Beyond-the-Core Opportunities
By leveraging M&A and home-grown innovation, telcos can build a portfolio of non-core offerings—in areas like security and smart home—and compensate for losses in traditional business lines. We help telecommunications companies pursue the plays that best fit their markets and customers and build on the strengths of their assets.
Balance Sheet Optimization
One savvy—and increasingly compelling—way to boost profitability is to unlock the value of infrastructure assets. Telcos need to explore models such as network, data center, and tower sharing, or to take advantage of debt restructuring and M&A.
Network Excellence
5G and fiber networks are complex and expensive, and the most promising monetization opportunities are still down the road. We help telcos identify use cases, embed automation intelligence to balance network traffic and heal failures, and leverage advanced analytics to deploy targeted, cost-effective rollouts
Closing the Digital Divide
The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of connectivity in daily life. But it has also revealed the great challenge—and extent—of the digital divide. Billions of people, in developing and developed nations alike, lack high-speed internet access. So, too, do many small and midsize enterprises. We work with telcos and policy makers to identify—and pursue—actions that can bring underserved populations into the digital age.


Proactive infrastructure monitoring

  • 24/7 monitoring to avoid or reduce downtime.
  • L2, L3 tech support to troubleshoot incidents and analyze their root causes.

IT infrastructure analysis

Analyzing IT infrastructure state and problems and providing recommendations

Development infrastructures

Setting up CI/CD pipelines, development and testing environments.

Applications and app infrastructures

Application monitoring, performance management, troubleshooting, enhancement and optimization

Application integration

Integration of cloud and on-premises apps.

Cloud migration

Application and data warehouse migration to AWS or Azure cloud

IT help desk

L1, L2 and L3 tech support.

IT infrastructure design

  • User administration, regular software configuration and updates.
  • Management of network, data centers, and cloud services

IT infrastructure design

Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components.

Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components.

Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components.

Designing a new IT infrastructure or its components.

Cloud usage optimization

Optimizing cloud resource consumption to reduce cloud costs

Cybersecurity tools

  • Advising on security improvement using the SecOps approach.
  • Security testing of IT infrastructure and its components (security audit, compliance testing, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing).
  • Stress testing (emulation of DDoS / DoS attacks)